2016 UK Tour

An Update to the UK Tour which is now only a month away.

Revised routes available for Tyre to download to your sat nav.  LINK , If there are any questions or you would still like to join us please contact Richard ( details at the bottom of the post). 


Day 1 - Burgess Hill > Kings Lynn

Aiming to depart for 8:30 / 9:00 from McDonalds Car Park (fuelled up). Then ride out towards Ide Hill for a breakfast coffee or butty.  (25miles)

From here we head for the m25 through the tunnel. And up to the A12 to Chelmsford, from here we will head due north on some smaller roads up to Thetford forest for lunch (1ish). (96miles)

After a good stop we will head up the B1065 through the forest. Up to Mundford and pick up the A134 to Downham Market. Then the A1101 to Wisbech Long Sutton. (65miles)

Day 2 – Kings Lynn > Scarbourgh

Leaving Kings Lynn heading north on the A17 to Boston, Then the B1192 up to the A153 upto Cadwell Park for a brew. (40niles)

Heading up the B1225 > A1173 north up to the A15 over the Humber Bridge. A164 > A1079 to the B1248 all the way up to the A614 (Drifield) Then the B2149 towards Scarbourgh.  (75miles)

We have a couple of options depending on the day, Either stay in Scarbourough for the rest of the day or ride over to Whitby the scenic route to get some Tea. We can decide this on the day.



Day 3 Scarborough to Penrith

A170 to Helmsly to pick up the B1257 (the minI TT), up to Stokesley. For a quick stop then on to Barnard Castle. Approx. Lunch. (83miles)

Heading cross country from Barnard Castle. Then off into the North Pennines up to Alston, Stopping at the Hartside Cafe and back down the A68 to Penrith. (53miles)

Day 4 Penrith to Halifax

Heading out from Penrith through Pooley Bridge following the A592 down to Windermere and stooping at Ambleside for a break .  (30miles)

Then off to the Hardknott Pass for a breath-taking ride so I’m told, Stopping towards the end for a well earned Lunch at the Hardknott Café. (14miles) NOTE If anyone doesn’t fancy the Hardknot pass we can meet up at Newby Bridge at the bottom of Lake Windermere.

From the Hardknott pass we head south to Barrow In Furness (13miles)

From Barrow in Furness We pick up the pace on some larger roads down to Halifax (86miles)



Day 5 Halifax to Stratford upon Avon

We leave Halifax to zig zag down through Derbyshire taking in some of My favourite roads, We will stop a few times as we go through Derbyshire and out to Stratford avoiding the M42 (153miles)

Day 6 The home stretch

We head south meandering down to Thruxton where I aim to stop for lunch and take a look at the Motorsport Center. Then cross Country to Winchester Picking up the A272 back home.


Tour Update 07/03/2016

Confirmed so far.

  • Richard Howard, XJR1300, Booked, Club Member
  • John & Anne Molyneux, Triumph Thunderbird, Booked
  • Bob Wort , Booked
  • Laurie Evans (Partial Tour)
  • Marc Doughty, Booked

Tour Update 01/03/2016

Tour Details DropBox folder link

Confirmed so far.

  • Richard Howard, XJR1300, Booked, Club Member
  • John & Anne Molyneux, Triumph Thunderbird, Booked
  • Bob Wort , Booked
  • Laurie Evans (Partial Tour)

Tour Update 29/01/2016

Now the riding season is nearly upon us, I am looking forward to dusting off the bike to get some road miles in. I have been looking at some great places to stop at during the forth coming UK Tour, Taking in some great British biking roads.

If you are planning to join us on the tour, you may still get a great deal on the accommodation prices. If you are planning to join the tour please could I ask members to contact me, Richard, So that I can get an idea of numbers and possible groups. Currently I will be leading an intermediate good paced group. Its only 5 months to go.

Tour Update 26/09/2015

Hi all,

I have today booked my room at the various Travel Lodges. Details of the lodge and the price that I have paid are accessible here (link to download PDF) . If you know that you are definitely going, book now to avoid price increases they do shoot up quickly. I have paid £211 for the 5 Nights. I have not opted for food as I am sure we will see a Pub/Restaurant close by.

Once you have booked your Travel lodges. please email me at Richard@rictech.co.uk, along with your contact details, and I will add you on the confirmed list. I know a few of you have expressed interest which is great. Depending on the final numbers nearer the date we will sort out riding groups if there's quite a few. Looking forward to a great tour.

Tour Details DropBox folder link

I will post the confirmed list here and update as necessary.

  • Richard Howard, XJR1300, Booked, Club Member
  • John & Anne Molyneux, Triumph Thunderbird, Booked

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Monday 25th July – Saturday 30th July

875 Miles round trip, 5 Nights.

Burgess Hill > Kings Lynn 177 miles

Kings Lynn > Scarborough 150 miles

Scarborough > Penrith 135 miles

Penrith > Halifax 112 miles

Halifax > Stratford upon Avon 139 miles

Stratford upon Avon > Burgess Hill 162 miles

Hi all,

I am planning a UK Tour for next year over 6 Days, I plan to stay at a different location each night, I intend to lead an intermediate group around the UK, Taking in some of the best roads and scenery there is. Starting from Burgess Hill, Taking a non-motorway route past London and up to Kings Lynn (Travelodge) stopping for lunch somewhere nice along the way (about 100miles ish).

From Kings Lynn Heading north up the coast, over the Humber Bridge and continuing on to Scarborough (Travelodge). Dumping a bit of kit at the lodge then heading into Whitby for food in the Harbour.

From Scarborough cutting across the Yorkshire moors then the Yorkshire dales to head north onto Penrith.

From Penrith we weave through the lake district down to Lake Windermere, then down and across to Halifax.

From Halifax we take in some Derbyshire roads and scenery, zig zagging down through Derbyshire and onto Stratford upon Avon. For the last night.

Then from Stratford upon avon, Heading south past Cheltenham and through the Cotswold’s to the Wessex Downs on to Winchester, then cross country (A272) back home.

There will be many places to stop and look at on the way. I plan to head out most mornings about 9-9:30am , Stopping somewhere ¾`s of the days distance for lunch and a stretch, Then continuing on to the days destination. Ad Hoc stops will happen if we see something of interest. I aim to reach the destinations between 5-6pm each day.

Should we spend more time at places and start getting behind on mileage towards the end of the day, we may pop on a more direct route to the destination. Everyone’s welcome to Join me on the tour, If the group is large then we will split up into smaller groups 5-8 riders. I will be riding a good paced group. If you’re interested but not sure of the pace there may be other riders who wish to go, who you could group up with. We could meet along the way and at destinations.

If it sounds like your cup of tea or want more details, Drop me an email or see me on a Monday night. The Travel Lodges can be booked up to 11 months in advance for maximum savings average £30-£35 per night. Double room. I will be booking mine soon. Let me know if you intend to join the tour.

Also If you know of any must see places along the route, or a cracking road, drop me an email.

I have also put route plans into a DropBox folder, using the free “Tyre” planning software. You will be able to view the routes as well as transfer them to your tom-tom or Garmin sat nav. I have also added the software to dropbox as a download for PC.

DropBox folder link

Contact Richard

07779 276 224


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